When I say guerilla tour, I very much mean it

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I have launched into a fairly crazy schedule this week… When I say guerilla tour, I very much mean it… this week has been one of favors needed of me, favorite done for me, working out, fleshing out the website, arranging for photography and videography, setting up a crowdsourcing campaign, publicity, tech, outlay of money, permits, and all the while? lots of memorization…

I am constantly amazed how all things dovetail into one another… As I walk around my neighborhood putting up posters for the Pop-Up Theater performances of “The Boy on the Bureau”, I find myself the play’s publicist and spokesman as well as its sole actor, stage manager, and director… And as I prepare the space that isn’t a theater to become a theater, I have been blessed with friends across the country – this week in Seattle and Nashville and Atlanta -who are trying to secure spaces for the 2017 tour of the play….

still looking to bring “The Boy on the Bureau” to you town… help me find a time and place to do that…

be in touch….

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