The pace of everything with the show is really picking up.

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The pace of everything with the show is really picking up.

The Pop-Up Theatre Experience (“The Boy on the Bureau… on the Boulevard”) is slated and set in stone. So it’s up to publicity and word of mouth (AND YOU) to get out there – locally (Bayside/Little Neck/Douglaston, then all of Queens, Manhattan) then out into the country.

Come January 2017, the #guerillatour of The Boy on the Bureau heads out.


Here’s what you can do to help AND be a part of it…..

While I’m working on and hope one day to have a booking agent/full production team, for the moment it’s me and Aggie in an SUV with the bureau in the back…. Any of you who want me to perform in your town, here’s what you can do.

Locate a small lab theater or performance space with an approximately 50-200 seat house. Please ask around and let me know 1. as much about the space as you can possibly gather (contact information, available dates starting after Jan. 15th, the possibility of more than one performance, whether or not they have a projection screen available to them, the cost of space rental and/or split of house receipts from ticket sales, the permission ability to sell show merchandise), the possibility of advertising Boy on the Bureau on their social media outlets. If you don’t know any space ask around.

If you speak to a possible space on your own you’ll need to know that I am setting up a tour starting after Jan. 15th, 2017 continuing thru the entire summer and ending at the end of August 2017.

The play runs 75 minutes including a 15 minute intermission, is a one man show, it’s only set piece a bureau that I provide. This show isn’t a light comedy, a musical, a murder-mystery. I would think the best place for this show is a space audience that draws a more audience.

Additionally, for a grass roots inspired tour, I need you be vocal about this play as the time I bring it to a town near you approaches. I need you to convince/coerce/force your friends and associates to attend.

To keep costs down I will also be seeking places to crash the evening before the first night’s performance thru the morning after the last performance (I’m thinking in most cases this means only one night).

And last of all, I need you to be in touch to say you’ll be a part of this, so I know which cities I have “an assistant in” and which cities I need to research and make contacts in myself.

Thanks for thinking about being a part of this exciting time in the life of this play….

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