It’s been a week of intensity in body, mind, and spirit.

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It’s been a week of intensity in body, mind, and spirit.

My mind is trying to take in all that led to be done.

My spirit aspires to the best of what my mind has created.

My Body…? Honestly? I let writing and re-writing the plan take me completely away from the bike. I’ve not ridden but 15 – 20 miles all year…..

I’m fat…. I saw myself on camera…. but even worse, I couldn’t fir intro one pair of my pants…. my belt went around my waist and JUST got around me – JUST barely touch end to end. Sad.

June 10th, I got fed up…. I started walking, I are better, I drank more water, I ceased eating sugar and dairy and white rice and potatoes and most meat…

And I bought the FitBit – and I started walking -even more.

I got the 10,000 steps a day down immediately then to 13, 000 then 15,000…. then I stepped it up and set a goal –


As of this moment, I have walked just over 410,000 – right on track for the million. And that belt? I’ve managed to get the first notch – a loss of 4 inches off my waist.

I put all my pants into a pile – those nearest to fitting on top, least likely to fit (tightest) on the bottom.

The goal is to get into every pair of the pants by the time the show opens on Bell Boulevard on Sept. 8th.

Now I’ve told the world. Difficult to back out of this now.

Hold me to the fire friends.

And oh yeah—- is a website now……

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