This isn’t bragging – this is a celebration of YOU my friends

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this isn’t bragging – this is a celebration of YOU my friends

to Nancy, Kevin, Colette, Camille, Rob, Doug, Emily, Stella, Jen, Neal, Jim, Frank, Rich, Oliver, Kathy, Susan, Eddie, Camie, Ellen, Aldo, Carolyn, Deanna, Anthony, Nabil, Kim, Jill, Sammy, Arthur, Erin, Fran, Yvonne, Betty, Rachel, Ron, Julie, Tom, Lara, Shelly, Robin, Donna, Gabriella, Flora, Arnold, Owen, Erin, Angelo, Juergen, Shoshana, Liz, David, Lou, Kristina, Andrew, Terence, Veronica, Peter, Adina, Tiffany, Jen, Phil, Michael, Randi, Michael, Paulette, Bev, Melissa, Corey, John, Tommy, Chris, Melanie, Risako, Kelli, Ivette, Bill, Kristen, Sara, Terry, Doug, Jacklyn, Nancy, Mark, Sue, Terry, Jim, Stef, Tracey, Nancy Joanna, Tom, Kathy, Susan, Crystal, Laurie, George, Bro. Ron, Andrea, Howard, Ben, Randi, Rachelle, Steve, Brittany, Elena, Chanelle, Shaunte, Kevin, Nancy, Sammie, Sharon, Karen, Larry, Joan, Donna, Heather, Lorraine, Sarah, Kevin, Cindy, Rich, Elaine, Joe, Wendy, Georgia, Michael, Felice, Suzy, Jennifer, Jean, Greta, Margaret, Bill, Linda, Randy, Chris, Jay, steve, Lonnie, Janna, Dana, Constantine, Phyllis, Sarah, Nancy, Melissa, Susan, Krystin, Bill, Kristin, John, Debra, Stephen, Debbie, Larry, Josh, Randi, Gary, Sharon, Rachel, Paul, Leslie, Richard, Coco, Chuck, Robert, Mary, Ariana, Lorraine, Jerry, Nicole, Nick, Michael, Gail, Jason, Patti, Seth, Lisa, Gloria, Jean, Donna, Gail, Nick, Brian, Celia, Carlota, Michael, Francis, Diann, Cally, Robert, Robert, Robin, Lee, Mark, Doug, Michelle, Cheryl, Anthony, Fred, Joe, Mary Ann, Betty, Tom, Alexander, Jill, Denise, Jimmy, Amy, Kristin, Frank, Judy, Meg, Vincent, Tammie, Jared, Suzanne, Liz, Lisa, Artie, Sharon, Pam, Rochelle, Ev, David, Judy, Ed, Shawnna, David, Jennifer, Sue, Chris, Chris, Karen, Richard, Michael, Sal, Andi, Sue, Jim, Amanda, Mari, Paul, Anne, Melissa, Joanna, Harley, Lorna, Fred, Vince, Beverly, Nancy, Jeanine, Paul, Sandy, Yvonne, Anthony, Sahar, Kathryn, & Kathrine

thank you – for cards, cupcakes, a free coffee, for well-wishes via texts, e-mails, & calls….

I am more than overwhelmed…. I am hyper-whelmed….

so in this instance I find the need bow to the words of Carol King…. this song has always reminded of all of you… you’re in one or another line….

I love you all –

this is why…. (read & listen both)
this is how…..
this is always….

(read the lyrics, listen to Carol herself sing – … and see yourself and me walking the path together – for as long or short we ever did… or might again)

Now and forever you are a part of me
And the memory cuts like a knife
Didn’t we find the ecstacy? Didn’t we share the daylight?
When you walked into my life

Now and forever, I’ll remember
All the promises still unbroken
And think about all the words between us
That never needed to be spoken

We had a moment, just one moment
That will last beyond a dream, beyond a lifetime
We are the lucky ones
Some people never get to do all we got to do
Now and forever, I will always think of you

Didn’t we come together? Didn’t we live together?
Didn’t we cry together? Didn’t we play together?
Didn’t we love together? And together we lit up the world

I miss the tears, I miss the laughter
I miss the day we met and all that followed after
Sometimes I wish I could always be with you
The way we used to do

Oh now and forever, I will always think of you
Now and forever, I will always be with you

good night…..

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