Being #technoAmish

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So you’re reading/following my posts on Facebook/Twitter/Google+ (listed alphabetically).

I wanted to ask. Why?

I had a dear friend who referred to my limited grasp of all things computer and social media as my being #technoAmish. My career coach tells me it’s important. and she hasn’t been wrong yet.

So – those of you who know me – and those you who don’, what’s in its for you? What were you seeking? What are you looking for? What would you like to know?

If the internet is supposed to be all about interactivity. Let’s interact. what can I tell you about @BoyOnTheBureau, about myself?

Who I am and who i was differs greatly from who I was. same DNA, different perspective.

My evolving perspective has often been the result of being in the right place at the right time – and being aware enough to grasp that fact. I think I might have evolved quicker and more efficiently has I been less fearful in my younger days. Indeed, anyone can and often is in the right place. It’s just not their right time.

My right places and rights times always came with people who were my guideposts. Who showed me how not to be afraid, how to see clearly and calmly move forward. People who didn’t want from me but wanted for me.

My 8th grade English Teacher Mr.Logan, my freshman Biology teacher Mr. Sutcliffe, my high school theater Brother Ron Santoro, my high school guidance counselor Mr. Combe, my #drumcorps drill instructor Jack Weir, my Acting coach #BobKrakower, my career#coach Carlota Zimmerman, and my wife Joanna – all saw more in me than I saw in myself, all helped me find my footing and assured me I could do it – whatever “it” was. Not always a happy or pretty process.

These are the only souls who have guided me along. I think everyone I’ve ever met has taught me something – which is why I think I should get to know who it is that’s stopping by here. Let’s positively affect each other’s path, help each other see the forest for each other’s trees.

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