Quite a busy four days it has been since we last met.

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Quite a busy four days it has been since we last met. Never has so much coughing and kleenex, insomnia and inspiration, matzah ball soup and medical attention, acupuncture, benedryl, mucinex, and cough syrup been so dutifully administered and consumed.

Amidst the fog of migraine and heaving cough, and bleary-eyed fully-awakened non-slumber, I managed to start marking out a calendar, a to-do list, and list of expenditures.

Every time I cross one off the “to-do” list, I replace it with 2 more.

I managed to do an interview on BaysideLiveTV.com late Saturday afternoon – after which I got my soup and crumpled into a corner and spent the next 36 hours dutifully sipping warm water, raw honey, and ginger (sounds strange, but worked miracles) – all the while penning list and sending out texts and e-mails.

Between now and when we next meet I will be

nailing down the date(s) for the pop-up theater performances on Bell Blvd. (hint: late June)
honing my iMovie skills (anyone wanna be my coach?)
practicing what I learned about using the video components of my iPhone
finalizing t-shirt, sign, & poster designs
setting up a perfunctory Instagram account
investigating how to set up and run a Indiegogo account

Amazing suggestions coming from all directions – including my local grocery/deli. If these Ideas pan out at all, you’ll hear about them here first.

And lastly. so, should the website be theboyonthebureau.com orboyonthebureau.com?

comments?questions?thoughts?concerns? #TechnoAmish

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