Often I am a criminal – of sorts.

Often I am a criminal – of sorts.

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Often I am a criminal – of sorts. And there is a price to pay for breaking the law. In this case more than one law. Not so much an infraction of the state or federal criminal code. No, this is more rudimentary.

This is a nearly daily attempt of an infraction of a law of nature. This is defiance of a law of nature. This is me trying to rationalize and understand motivation and momentum – via physics – a field in which I am sorely under-schooled.

Newton’s First Law on Motion can be stated mathematically is “an object (in this case me) that is at rest (unable to motivate myself as I often am) will stay at rest (on a couch – in body mind, & spirit) unless a force (here’s the rub – this would be me again… there is no other force) acts upon it (kicks my own ass into gear). ”

On the bright side, an object that is in motion (I’ve gotten myself to the keyboard and I’ve stopped prattling on or procrastinating) will not change its velocity (meager as it can sometimes be) unless a force (me lamely watching TV or playing FreeCell) acts upon it.

This is known as uniform motion (accomplishment – the elusive goal).

An object (I know, ironic that I’m objectifying myself, isn’t it?) continues to do whatever it happens to be doing (getting the job done) unless a force (again, me… sad that this is all about me – but such is creative genius… well, creativity at the very least) is exerted upon it.

If it (Lon) is at rest, it (me again – you’re catching on that this is always gonna be about me, right?) continues in a state of rest (gold-bricking, goofing off, lollygagging, stalling by trying to think of synonyms no matter how ridiculous).

This is like when a tablecloth is yanked out from under dishes on a table but the dishes don’t move (you have no idea how tempted I am to go set a table and try this until I get it).

So, not as much a criminal – after all, I didn’t break Newton’s First Law of Physics. I just tried – as I try daily – to make it not be so.

Turns out I am Newton’s bitch (after all, I managed to write this). This object in motion is gonna be fine. Well played Isaac.

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