The plans unfolding seem to be doing so exponentially

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The plans unfolding seem to be doing so exponentially. Each time I take one step forward, two opportunities present themselves. I ask one question, I get three helpful answers. I explore one possibility, four reveal themselves.

Four more stops on the #guerillatour are being considered

One of the largest and most critical elements of the success of @BoyOnTheBureau seems to be an ever-expanding presence on social media.

But how? where? Focusing on whom?

Ingenious methods have been devised by some, inspired by others. resulting in a way for you to be part of the “Bureaucracy” as it were.

Well, there’s me and there’s a bureau – an actual bureau – THE actual bureau made famous in the title of the play. What to do, what to do….

Soon, across New York City and its immediate environs, then slowly across the country, you are going to start seeing me – and the bureau – on a street corner, in a public park, at the beach… with a sign saying “Join Me on the Bureau”. Come by. Don’t be afraid. Take a picture – of the bureau, of you and the bureau, of me and the bureau, of us and the bureau. And if you like video a few minutes of you telling a great family story of yours. we will broadcast those “Join Me on the Bureau” sessions live over Periscope and Facebook Live. So I am quickly learning how to film with my iPhone, edit with iMovie, and become my own best advertisement.

Become part of #TheBureaucracy… ..

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