The unhappy task of re-writing it

The unhappy task of re-writing it

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 Since completing the writing of the @BoyOnTheBureau I’ve had the unhappy task of re-writing it – detailing it, fine tuning the language, the “speaking voice” of the script. Much of what I had written was profound and captivating, now I needed to shape that into language to be heard.

I spent the autumn and winter tailoring the script, bringing is from just over 13,000 words to just about 11,500.  Amidst certification exams in #GYROKINESIS® & #GYROTONIC®, and hosting Christmas and the flu both,  I buffed and polished the play into a version I felt confident enough to workshop in front of an audience.

And on January 31, 2016, “The Boy on the Bureau” made its clunky, triumphant premiere at #QEDAstoria.  A very supportive audience watched and listened to me tell the story I’ve been too frightened to tell.

I had no intention of crying, but I did – five times throughout the play. As I spilled out my story, I knew I was saying too much and too little concurrently. the best version of this story will never embrace the epic saga it chronicles. But more re-writes were necessary.

The day after that performance I started another massive rewrite in preparation for a second workshop scheduled six weeks later.#wednesdaywisdom #writerslife #onemanshow

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