So I’ve written this play – a #onemanshow

So I’ve written this play – a #onemanshow

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So I’ve written this play – a #onemanshow – about my escape from being the favorite child in a family of nine siblings – a family that is a small part Walton, a greater part Manson… a little “You Can’t Take it With You”, a little more “Shameless”. A tale of motorcycles, teen-age pregnancy, porn, pathological lying, envy, attempted murder, altar boys, christenings broken up by the police… and more.

My siblings have had many names for me but none more fitting than “white sheep of the family”. Never fitting in – for all the right reasons. My play is the story of how and why I got out.

“The Boy on the Bureau” exposes the flip side of all the sunny stories I’ve told about my family through my life. Only this time, I’m trying to tell the truth.

One of the wisest men I’ve ever known offered me this take on truth, “The universe is a constant – the only thing that differs is our perspective on it.”

Truth is what we see, less so what we’re told, what we believe, and what we arrive at when we don’t witness events firsthand… even if you’re they’re to witness an event, two people almost always see the event differently. Why is it that we believe – sometimes zealously – when we don’t know completely? When we know what happened even though we weren’t there to observe. The moment we judge, we shape our truth. Is truth anything that can or should be shaped? I certainly can’t give you your truth… I can perhaps influence your perspective.

In writing “Boy on the Bureau” I’ve only just started unveiling a truth. Each re-write, each recitation reveals a new truth, a deeper understanding of what I will never know or understand completely.

It’s beginning to dawn on me that the truth is the whole story – something that sadly doesn’t exist. There are greater truths… but I don’t think complete truth is possible… nor is universal truth….#writerslife #boyonthebureau #whatistruth #comingtoacitynearyou


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