It’s a Boy!

It’s a Boy!

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 Kicking off my theater/life/adventure blog with this entry. I’d love to your comments/questions/thoughts/concerns.

It’s a Boy!

The birth of “The Boy on the Bureau – a stage documentary”

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About 10 months ago, at the age of 57 @AARP, I started getting serious about something I had been telling people I was always “just about to start doing” – and telling them that for the last 15 years. I had a tale to tell. One I knew people were interested in hearing. This turned out a far more daunting task than I had ever anticipated. Still I kept telling anyone who would listen the outline and idea of my story, never putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.

The passing of my father & mother, a chance meeting my wife had with the fabulous creature who will become my #careermuse, & the perspective that the distance from dysfunction can give you, acted as the perfect storm for my tale’s birth.

And yet what I‘ve ended up writing is neither what I expected to nor what I intended. Instead, I have written that tale’s prequel. Its first manifestation poured out of me in 12 days – its content a small subset of the epic tale I’ve still yet to tell – and will.

The reaction to the two readings of #TheBoyontheBureau has been so positive that – at the request of and because of interest in – I am now organizing a self-promoted, guerilla tour starting in the Fall of 2016 and running thru the summer of 2017. So far, I am already in negotiations with theater spaces and/or still seeking performance spaces in Boston; Philadelphia; Washington, DC; Raleigh, Wilmington, & Ashville, NC; Atlanta; Miami; Key West;New Orleans; Houston; Dallas; Phoenix; Los Angeles; San Francisco; Portland; Seattle, Denver, Omaha; St. Louis, Minneapolis, Chicago, Upper Peninsula Michigan, Nashville; Lexington, KY; Pittsburgh & several others. Want the show in your town…? Be in touch.

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